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Retaliation for Filing Discrimination Claims

New Orleans Hostile Work Environment Lawyer

Louisiana Employment Law Attorney Handling Retaliation Claims

Employers are not above retaliating against employees who file a discrimination lawsuit against them. Retaliation can be heavy handed, involving open threats and intimidation; or, it can be subtle, involving unreasonable production demands or being fired for a trivial reason.

At the office of Glenn C. McGovern, we gather emails, company records, employee statements, and other evidence in exposing retaliatory actions on the part of employers. As an employment law attorney, Mr. McGovern is well-versed on what employers can and cannot do and what constitutes a hostile work environment.

When cross-examining managers and supervisors, Mr. McGovern exposes different treatment for different employees, work demands that are not applied equally, the inconsistent application of company policies to employees, and other contradictions indicative of retaliation.

Don't assume you can't do anything if your employ has retaliated or threatened to retaliate against you - contact attorney Glenn C. McGovern today for a free consultation about your discrimination or retaliation claim.

Targets for Retaliation in Discrimination Lawsuits

The law office of Glenn C. McGovern represents workers who have been retaliated against after filing a discrimination lawsuit against their employer involving the following:

  • Race discrimination
  • Gender discrimination
  • Age discrimination
  • Americans with Disabilities Act discrimination
  • Family Medical Leave Act discrimination
  • Pregnancy leave discrimination

Wrongful Termination Can Be Retaliation

Louisiana is an "at will" employment state. Except for exercising their legal rights or for being a member of a protected class, this means an employer can fire an employee for any reason at all. As a result, it's not uncommon for employers to fire an employee who has filed a discrimination lawsuit.

However, racial minorities, people with disabilities, and certain religious minorities are members of protected classes. Consequently, in order to avoid a wrongful termination lawsuit, an employer may attempt to sabotage an employee's performance or use a trivial mistake to justify firing him or her. Retaliation is illegal and often easier to prove than the underlying charge of harassment/discrimination. Jurys will award more damages for retaliation claims more often.

As an employment law attorney, Glenn C. McGovern is familiar with the kinds of tactics employers use to fire employees who have filed discrimination lawsuits against them. By comparing how other employees have been treated and evaluating existing emails and memos, we can often uncover inconsistent expectations, prejudicial assignment of workloads, and attempts to cover-up retaliatory behavior on the part of employers.

Contact Employment Law Attorney Glenn C. McGovern

We've represented numerous people in lawsuits involving retaliation and discrimination on the part of employers. We have the resources to level the playing field and establish a balance of power in the court room.

Contact Glenn McGovern by e-mail, or at 504-456-3610 for a free, confidential consultation about your employment law case.